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def CMFLDAP::LDAPMemberDataTool::LDAPMemberData::setSecurityProfile (   self,
  password = None,
  roles = None,
  domains = None 

Set the user's basic security profile 

Definition at line 203 of file LDAPMemberDataTool.py.

00203                                                                          :
        """ Set the user's basic security profile """
        acl = self.acl_users
        u = self.getUser()
        user_dn = u.getUserDN()
        if password is not None:
            acl.manage_editUserPassword(user_dn, password)
            u.__ = password

        if roles is not None:
            all_roles = acl.getGroups()
            role_dns = []
            my_new_roles = []
            for role_name, role_dn in all_roles:
                if role_name in roles:
            u.roles = my_new_roles
            acl.manage_editUserRoles(user_dn, role_dns)

        if domains is not None:
            u.domains = domains

    def getPassword(self):

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